Early History: Pre-1851

The Hospital’s origins have been traced back to Garden Island where the first appointed Colonial Surgeon Dr. Charles Simmons erected a tent in June 1829, for use of both a civil and military hospital on instructions from his Britannic Majesty in documentation for the take over possession of the Colony of Swan.

Later in September Dr. Simmons along with the settlers moved up the Swan to establish the town site of Perth.

During the early years of the Colony both tents and leased buildings were used as the need arose, the first Colonial Hospital as a permanent building being “Palmers Hut” of 1830/1831, located on St. Georges Terrace, at a weekly rent of 4/- shillings. During this same period under Dr. William Milligan a military doctor a military hospital was also built which also originated in tents.

Milligan was later appointed to a dual role of Army Surgeon and Assistant to the Colonial Surgeon, in the metro areas while Dr. Simmons, who was on walk about touring the surrounding district taking care of the local country colonists and natives.

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